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  • Meetings are crucial for any company or organization, but often they are affected by various subjective and objective factors, resulting in low efficiency, wasted time, and energy. In this era of efficiency, every company wants to do something to improve meeting efficiency. While subjective factors can be adjusted by individuals themselves, addressing the objective factors requires careful selection of equipment. Therefore, this article is about how the 86-inch Infrared Touch Flagship Conference All-in-one Machine can improve meeting efficiency.


  • In addition to the functions of temperature measurement and mask detection, Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machine can also perform face recognition. This means it can identify individuals who are authorized to enter a particular location and deny access to those who are not authorized. The machine is also equipped with a large LCD screen, which can display body temperature readings, mask detection status, and face recognition results. It can also provide audio alerts and messages to ensure users are aware of any potential issues.


  • Infrared touch display has considerable advantages when used on the display, can be used with finger, pen or any object that can block light, its manufacturing technology is difficult, it needs to pay attention to the sensitivity range and illuminance range of the range of work, must choose high-quality products when buying to meet the daily work. Then what kind of infrared touch display manufacturers worth choosing?


  • Infrared Touch Display are now being used in many places, replacing the traditional single-function display with its own unique touch screen technology. Although this cost-effective Infrared Touch Display has very good function and performance, but in the selection and purchase should also be combined with the following points for reference.


  • With the development of science and technology, the LCD industry is also constantly moving forward, our mobile phones from buttons, strokes to finger touch, and touch screen is added on the surface of the LCD screen, to play the function of touch display. Touch screen is the use of human body current induction to work. This article focuses on introducing the meaning of touch screen, touch screen types and characteristics of what, I hope to help you.


  • Only when a city has vitality can it show greater vitality and achieve stronger development. This vitality consists of people, animals and plants, urban buildings and various scientific and technological products. But in many scientific and technological products, LED advertising machines play a very important role. It can not only display the image of the city, but also dynamically perceive the state of the city, diagnose the "urban disease" in time, and provide a good prescription.