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Transparency of touch screen

Touch screen, also known as "touch screen" and "touch panel", is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. When the graphic buttons on the screen are contacted, the tactile feedback system on the screen can drive various connection devices according to the pre programmed program, which can be used to replace the mechanical button panel, and create dynamic video and audio effects through the liquid crystal display screen. As a new computer input device, touch screen is the simplest, convenient and natural human-computer interaction mode. It gives multimedia a new look and is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device. It is mainly used for public information inquiry, leadership office, industrial control, military command, electronic games, ordering songs and dishes, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale, etc.

Transparent, which directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. Transparency has a problem of transparency. Infrared technology touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen are separated by only one layer of pure glass, and transparency can be considered as the best. Other touch screens need to be carefully considered. Transparency is only a very general concept in the touch screen industry. Many touch screens are multi-layer composite films. It is not enough to summarize their visual effects only by transparency. It should include at least four characteristics: transparency Color distortion, reflectivity and clarity can be further divided. For example, the degree of reflection includes the degree of specular reflection and the degree of diffraction reflection. However, the degree of diffraction reflection on the surface of the touch screen has not reached the level of the CD. For users, these four measures are basically enough.