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What are the differences between the conference integrated machine and the touch integrated machine

There are certain differences in appearance between the touch all-in-one machine and the conference all-in-one machine. For example, there is no front interface, a camera for conference, and the appearance is a little simple. But the basic functions are computers with touch input devices. Thirdly, there is a big difference in size. The touch all-in-one machine can be as small as 10 inches, but the small size of the conference all-in-one machine is 55 inches, and there are certain differences in application fields. Naturally, among the different configurations, the touch all-in-one machine has certain advantages in price. However, the basic touch writing functions are the same. Depending on your application scenario and configuration requirements, the function of the conference all-in-one machine is also far superior to some simple touch all-in-one machines.

1. Touch all in one machine

It integrates advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies, and can realize public information inquiry. It is equipped with fingerprint meter, scanner, card reader, micro printer and other peripherals, and can realize specific needs such as fingerprint attendance, card swiping and printing. It is relatively small in size and is mainly used in our daily life, such as: order machine, bank inquiry machine, hospital supply machine, etc.

2. All in one conference machine

It integrates a variety of functions such as projector, electronic whiteboard, audio, TV and video conference terminal, and centrally solves the systematic meeting requirements such as remote communication, high-definition display of conference documents, video file playback, on-site audio, screen writing, document marking, storage and distribution. The size is between 55-98 inches. As long as it is used in enterprise office, education market, bank, government and medical care, it can improve the corporate image and conference efficiency.

The above is the difference between the all-in-one conference machine and the all-in-one touch machine. Although they have many similarities and belong to intelligent devices, there are certain differences in application scenarios, appearance and principles. For more information about the all-in-one conference machine, please follow our website.