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Guanshun answers the four common questions of LCD advertising machine

Today, Xiaobian will explain to you about LCD advertising machines. With the continuous expansion of the application range of digital LCD advertising machines, advertising machines, the product of the new media era, are also constantly improving and developing. In order to greatly improve the efficiency of the advertising machine, users should master the basic knowledge and maintenance skills.

1. There is no display on the screen, and the indicator light on the front panel of the advertising machine flashes

After this problem occurs, the user should check whether the signal line between the display and the computer is firmly connected, and whether the pin of the signal line is broken or bent.

2. The screen of advertising machine flickers

In the process of advertising machine playing, the screen flickers is also a problem that users often encounter. For this, the user should first check the external factors such as the magnetic field and power supply voltage around the device. If they still can not be used normally, they should comprehensively check the display card driver to remove the program installation problem. If the above operation is still invalid, the user can try to increase the refresh rate to 75Hz to see if it is feasible. If the above operations cannot achieve satisfactory results, the user needs to send the equipment to the manufacturer for inspection and repair.

3. When the advertising machine is switched on and off, there are interference stripes on the screen

Generally, this phenomenon is caused by the signal interference of the display card. This phenomenon is a normal phenomenon. It only needs to be far away from the signal interference source, and the user can adjust the phase automatically or manually to solve it.

4. There is no response after the LCD advertising machine is plugged in

This is the most common phenomenon in practical applications. For this phenomenon, users can try to open the back cover of the advertising machine and check whether the special power supply is powered on and whether the existing materials are loose or falling off. Specific method: use a multimeter to measure whether the indicator light is on. If it is normal, it indicates that the power supply is powered. After eliminating the power problem, the user should check the power on of the decoding board, the advertising machine drive board, the high-voltage bar, the speaker and the LCD screen in turn. Where there is no power on, there is a problem with the accessories of the advertising machine.