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What functions can the touch all-in-one machine achieve?

Self service terminal equipment is a kind of electronic terminal equipment that integrates the touch screen with relevant system software and is equipped with professional functions and services. It is mainly composed of a human-computer interface, which is used by users according to the prompts of the equipment, and then assists the network to complete the service process of the entire function in combination with mobile phone terminals or equipment sensors. Autonomous terminal equipment is different in function and service nature, It is mainly divided into the following categories:

1. Self service inquiry terminal;

2. Self service terminal;

3. Self service payment terminal;

4. Self service card issuing terminal;

5. Self service printing terminal;

6. Self service recharge terminal;

7. Self service ticket collection and selling terminal;

The application scenarios of each device are slightly different, and there are also several terminal devices that are integrated at the same time. For example, the self-service card handling device of the bank is integrated with query and card issuance. Self service payment terminals and self-service recharge terminals are often used in the communication field, for example, mobile halls and telecom business halls. Self service terminals are widely used in new retail fields, such as self-service terminal devices, Self service ticketing terminals often appear in airports and high-speed railway stations. The emergence of these devices facilitates our daily life and work, saving human costs and site use costs.