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LED Conference Machine | New Experience of Smart Office


With the development of smart cities and the improvement of people's living standards, the pain point of traditional conference scenes - "can't see clearly, keep up with, and remember" - has been unable to meet the needs of modern conference development. Recently, a popular conference and office artifact, the intelligent conference all-in-one machine, has been launched on the market, enabling a new experience of intelligent office. Compared with traditional conference display devices, where is it "new"?

Integrated design, office free

In order to create a convenient and comfortable conference and office environment and fully cater to the actual demands of customers, this all-in-one machine integrates high-definition display, split screen, projection application, interaction and other practical functions, and is easy to install and maintain, greatly improving office efficiency.

Select the all-in-one machine according to the space size

Due to different conference space sizes, many customers do not know how to choose an all-in-one machine. According to the size of the space, you can choose an all-in-one machine with a special size.

There is always a suitable one for you in a large scene of more than 50 ㎡.

Recommended style for 60 ㎡ space: 108 inches (suggested number of participants: 20~50)

Recommended style for 90 ㎡ space: 135 inches (recommended number of participants: 40~70)

Recommended style for 120 ㎡ space: 162 inches (suggested number of participants: 60~90)

Recommended style for 150 ㎡ space: 216 inches (recommended number of participants: 80~120)

Guanshun Science and Technology Smart Conference Office Display Platform is competent for multiple office smart scenes: whether it is a medium and large conference report, a large speech, or an enterprise receptionist. The new business model is developed through the carrier of LED display screen, so that the conference mode is fully open and connected with more conference spaces. No matter where you use it, it is a worthy conference and office artifact.