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Application Solution of LCD Advertising Machine in Shopping Mall


There are always many people and consumption opportunities in the shopping mall. Both businesses and media advertisements have taken a fancy to the shopping mall, and are vying to find the location of advertising machines and release business opportunities. Compared with the traditional DVD information publishing machine and SD card advertisement playing form, the multimedia LCD advertising machine and touch query machine station are based on the cloud platform information management form, which are fashionable and cutting-edge, and become the new upstarts in the advertising industry.

Advertising machines can already be seen everywhere at the entrance of shopping malls, elevators, escalators, shopping corridors, corridors, and rest areas. There are wall mounted displays, intelligent wayfinding advertising machines, business location inquiry machines, and machines in various forms, which are only intended to attract users' attention and provide users with valuable information.

The intelligent oriented advertising machine displays the floor guide, merchant location, and important logo location of the entire shopping mall on the screen to guide customers.

The intelligent wayfinding advertising machine is equipped with a built-in shopping mall map. The customer searches for the target business, determines the corresponding route, and walks according to the route indicated by the advertising machine to find the target business.

The touch query machine has the function of touch query, just like the touch screen of a mobile phone. Users can touch the touch software on the screen of the advertising machine to query the content information they want to query. At the same time, the touch query machine also has a search function, so that customers can easily obtain business information and positioning information.

Some LCD advertising machines are also embedded with the technology of integrating QR code and printer, which are displayed in important positions of advertising machines, providing customers with QR code scanning and coupon printing services. Some LCD advertising machines have built-in fashionable clothing and accessories applications, and customers can choose their favorite styles to try on through virtual auditions.

5G technology, cloud platform, big data, etc., are no longer just a noun, but have been widely used in our lives. In shopping malls, LCD advertising machines, as intelligent display devices, rely on cloud platform, cloud self-service and other technologies, cooperate with information release systems, touch query systems, guidance and wayfinding systems, commodity display systems, etc., to integrate traditional retail and Internet smart displays, and provide supporting solutions. Close contact with customers, let them upgrade their consumption intelligence, let them experience intelligent upgrading, and help customers find products that are suitable for them more efficiently.