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Touch the maintenance method of inquiry all-in-one machine

How to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the touch screen query all-in-one machine? Is it trouble? Today Guanshun Technology will share with you several practical daily maintenance methods, hoping to help you. The touch query all-in-one machine mainly includes wall mounted touch query all-in-one machine, horizontal touch query all-in-one machine, and floor mounted touch query all-in-one machine. After all, they are electronic devices, mainly including electronic circuits, motherboards, control boards, etc., so we should pay attention to some details in daily maintenance.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, the application field of the touch screen query all-in-one machine is becoming more and more extensive. The common ones are government affairs centers, service halls, business halls, banks, hospitals, libraries, shopping malls, supermarkets, power supply departments, schools, etc. Although it is now popular, many users neglect the maintenance of the equipment in their daily use. Only by properly cleaning the equipment can their service life be appropriately extended and their failures be reduced.

How to maintain the touch screen all-in-one machine?

In daily use, the equipment shall not be switched on and off frequently.

Sudden power failure during operation will cause certain damage to electronic components and hard disk failure; When supplying power, it is necessary to work in a stable voltage environment. Too low or too high voltage will affect the performance of the equipment, as well as the service experience and life of the equipment.

Keep the environment dry and ventilated.

The device is placed in a dry and ventilated environment, and the electronic device is sensitive to humidity. Once the device is damped inside, the circuit problem will be affected, causing a short circuit and affecting the service life of the device. Therefore, the use environment of the device should also be kept dry and ventilated.

Keep the equipment clean and dry.

A touch screen all-in-one machine runs in public places for a long time to avoid dust falling. Dust accumulation will cause static electricity on the touch screen, affect the use of the touch screen, and affect the touch accuracy of the touch screen. It is necessary to clean the equipment screen and body regularly. During cleaning, pay attention not to use corrosive detergents such as chemical detergents. Use soft fabrics and gently wring the water to avoid scratching the screen to ensure that the equipment is clean and dry.

The above points are relatively simple ways to query the daily maintenance of the all-in-one machine by the touch screen. They are applicable to all businesses. Simple local maintenance can reduce the use failure of the machine and extend its service life. If there are other problems, do not dismantle or repair them at will. Try to contact [Guanshun Technology] after-sales professionals to solve them for you.