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How to select high-quality outdoor advertising machines?

A few days ago, I saw some outdoor machines. Rather than outdoor machines, I saw a LCD screen in the box. There was no outdoor standard at all. See this editor to talk about how to buy outdoor advertising machines.

1. How to select the manufacturer?

How to select manufacturers? First of all, to produce outdoor advertising machines, manufacturers should have professional design teams and numerous application cases. Professional structural design engineers, electronic application system engineers and thermal design engineers are also required. The staff is fully equipped, the system is perfect, and the scale is large enough. The most important thing is to have a large enough workshop. If the workshop is very small, how can we produce outdoor advertising machines that cover a large area?

2. How to evaluate the quality of outdoor units?

Sheet metal shell: 1.5mm thick galvanized steel plate is used as standard, the surface is subject to multi-layer spraying treatment, and outdoor professional powder is used to achieve rust prevention in outdoor environment. The air inlet and outlet heat dissipation holes on the shell will be waterproof structure, no matter the door seams, openings, horns, locks, etc. are waterproof, dust-proof and anti-theft.

Protective glass: usually 2 kinds of glass are used. The high-end configuration will use 6mm thick AR anti glare tempered glass, which can achieve anti glare, anti reflection, anti ultraviolet and other functions, so as to achieve clearer viewing images. Generally, 6mm thick super white tempered explosion-proof glass is used, which can fully meet the use requirements of outdoor public places. It is an explosion-proof and safe protective glass. The type selection used by manufacturers is often based on the customer's budget.

High brightness LCD screen: use a high-definition LCD screen with brightness above 2000. 2000cd/m2 is used in a large amount, and the brightness of the screen can be automatically adjusted according to the external ambient light. The three largest sizes in the market are 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches.

Heat dissipation mode of the whole machine: the manufacturer will calculate the local solar radiation and the maximum and minimum temperatures at the specific place of use, calculate the air inlet and outlet required by the equipment, and design the fan heat dissipation based on this data. The fan shall be connected to the fan control panel according to the requirements of fan type selection and speed, and the fan operation shall be adjusted independently according to the real-time temperature inside the equipment.

Dust prevention: prevent dust and insects from entering the equipment, affect the operation of the equipment, and improve the cleanliness of the equipment. The filter screen shall also be convenient for later maintenance, replacement and cleaning.