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Solution of LCD advertising machine changing into TV


With the rapid utilization and effective development of this semiconductor material of "liquid crystal" in the market, more and more electronic screen products are close to "liquid crystal". For example, OLED LCD screens are used in TV, computers and outdoor screens that are common in our lives. Such LCD screens are thin, light, clear, colorful and eye friendly, and are widely used in different occasions to play their respective advantages. The most widely used in business is the LCD advertising machine. The LCD advertising machine uses the LCD display and advantageous content (including text, video and voice) to advertise to the audience. Some people may think of TV when they see this LCD advertising machine. They are thinking that this thing is a little like TV, so can LCD advertising machine watch TV? Now Aozhen Electronics will take you to see whether LCD advertising can watch TV.

There is a LCD in the LCD advertising machine. Can the LCD watch TV? First of all, we need to know that the monitor is known to be able to display images, and whether the monitor has the conditions to watch TV. As we all know, LCD TVs now have a TV display function, and LCD TVs have one more TV segment than ordinary LCD TVs. Therefore, LCD advertising machines can certainly watch TV through LCD TVs. Any LCD advertising machine can be connected to an intelligent network TV broadcast box through the video connection line, and you can easily watch TV. How to connect the wires? Xiao Bian also summarized some experiences here as follows:

1. First of all, help the advertising box of certain brand. The advertising box is a small computing terminal device. As long as it is simply connected to the LCD advertising machine through HDMI or other interfaces, it can realize web browsing, network video playing, application installation on the LCD advertising machine. It can also edit, control and distribute remote programs through background software.

2. First, we prepare the advertising box and HDMI cable, then power on the LCD advertising machine and connect them with HDMI cable.

3. Next, connect the LCD advertising machine to the Internet through wired network or WIFI network. If the connection is successful, the LCD advertising machine can be connected to the Internet normally.

4. Then, take the Android motherboard network background as an example, log in its website to log in the background account password. After the above steps are completed, we can edit and distribute programs on the advertising broadcast box through the background software. The advertising broadcast box is connected to our LCD advertising machine, which is just for display.

5. After the program is edited by the background software, we can directly distribute the program to our advertising machine through the principle of remote control, and check the scheduling. This is the connection mode between the advertising box and the LCD advertising machine. In general, the connection is first, and then the background data transmission and connection are carried out through the motherboard software inside the advertising box.

Next, let's look at the effect of watching TV with LCD advertising machine. Through experiments, we found that watching TV on the LCD advertising machine will not adapt the film source as TV does, resulting in a certain stretch or compression of the image seen on the LCD advertising machine. In the full screen view, the effect is basically not clear. It can only be said that you can make a shadow to see whether a character is male or female. You can probably see the expression, and there is no detail to say. The whole effect is that kind of empty feeling! This also shows a problem, that is, watching TV on the LCD advertising machine must conform to the specifications of the playback resolution on the LCD advertising machine. On the whole, you can watch TV!

If you really want to watch TV with LCD, it is recommended to use a TV box, which means you can watch TV without turning on the host. However, LCD with its own integrated TV function is expensive, and its effect as a LCD display will be discounted, which is not as good as a pure LCD display. In addition, the different use directions of LCD and TV also determine the different development directions of LCD and TV. TV sets pay more attention to color and color temperature, while LCD monitors pay more attention to eye protection function, display effect, and control of details.