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Common problems and solutions of conference tablet touch

Touch panel, also known as touch panel, is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. When touching the graphic buttons on the screen, the touch feedback system on the screen can drive various connecting devices according to the pre programmed program, which can replace the mechanical button panel, and create a vivid audio-visual effect through the liquid crystal display screen.

Common touch screens can be classified in the following ways:

1. According to the production technology of touch screen, it can be divided into resistive touch screen, surface capacitive touch screen, surface acoustic wave touch screen, infrared touch screen, bending wave touch screen, projected capacitive touch screen, optical imaging touch screen and active digital converter touch screen.

2. According to the different operation modes of the touch screen, it can be divided into single touch and multi-point touch. The infrared touch screen uses the infrared matrix densely distributed in the X and Y directions to detect and locate the user's touch. The infrared touch screen is equipped with a circuit board frame in front of the display, and the circuit board is arranged with infrared transmitting tubes and infrared receiving tubes on the four sides of the screen to form a horizontal and vertical infrared matrix.

When users touch the screen, their fingers will block the horizontal and vertical infrared rays passing through the position, so they can judge the position of the touch point on the screen.

Question 1: Why do some parts of my all-in-one conference machine touch others?

Cause 1: Infrared touch is transmitted at one end and received at the other. Clicking the screen with a finger or writing pen in the middle will form a point of disconnected touch. Generally, there is something blocking or more dust around the inner side of the touch box, which will cause partial poor touch; Make sure there are no obstructions in the touch frame and clean the screen.

Cause 2: The damage of some infrared emission lamps can be detected by touching the manufacturer's software.

Question 2: Why are all my conference tablets untouched? Full screen touch free inspection method:

Cause 1: The touch line on the motherboard is inserted reversely. Check whether the touch line is inserted well at the other end of the touch box, and check whether the touch line at this end of the motherboard is inserted reversely; If the touch line is inserted reversely, it will burn off directly, and it will also cause no touch on the full screen. Then it can also be tested by touching the manufacturer's software. The best way to solve problems in the use of the conference tablet is to call the manufacturer's after-sales service, and do not dismantle the device blindly.

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