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What Can the 86-Inch Infrared Touch Flagship Conference All-in-One Machine Do to Improve Meeting Efficiency?

Meetings are crucial for any company or organization, but often they are affected by various subjective and objective factors, resulting in low efficiency, wasted time, and energy. In this era of efficiency, every company wants to do something to improve meeting efficiency. While subjective factors can be adjusted by individuals themselves, addressing the objective factors requires careful selection of equipment. Therefore, this article is about how the 86-inch Infrared Touch Flagship Conference All-in-one Machine can improve meeting efficiency.

This machine is composed of a display screen and a computer operating system. We can operate the computer directly by touching the screen with our hands or some specialized touch tools. At the same time, the operation screens will also be displayed on this screen.

In meetings, its intelligent writing function, wireless screen sharing function, and remote video conferencing function provide excellent assistance for various industries' meetings. For example, in the education industry's meetings, there is usually a lot of information and more handwriting applications. The previous configuration of a whiteboard and a projector often separates the projection materials from the handwritten notes, resulting in inconvenient recording or errors or omissions in content and notes. Sometimes, when there is not enough space on the whiteboard, previous content has to be erased and rewritten, making it difficult to retrieve previous content later.

The intelligent writing function of the 86-inch Infrared Touch Flagship Conference All-in-one Machine is very convenient in this regard. Its whiteboard function can provide large-scale writing, automatic saving, and on-demand retrieval. Even if there is a writing error, it can be easily modified by gesture erasing. These functions are also useful in education classrooms, where teachers can easily demonstrate and students can scan the QR code to take notes.

In addition to the intelligent writing function, the remote video function supported by the touch all-in-one machine is also a major highlight. With this function, remote meetings and remote training are particularly convenient. After downloading the cloud meeting software on a computer or mobile phone, one can join the meeting, reducing delays caused by scheduling conflicts and unnecessary expenditure.

Overall, the touch all-in-one machine's writing, screen sharing, and video functions are helpful for meetings in any industry, improving efficiency and saving time, allowing employees to have more energy to create greater value.