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How to Choose a LCD screen

There are many branded LCD screens in the market, and the style is also a variety of styles. This will encounter some difficulties when choosing. Next is a simple way to select a LCD screens.
Look at contrast: Due to the comparity is difficult to accurately measure through the instrument, it is often more controversial. The bigger the contrast is not the better, you must cooperate with the brightness to shape a beautiful color. Only one suitable contrast can make the liquid crystal display show an ideal grayscale, hue, so that full, rich image effects.
See the visual angle: If the visual angle is small, the user does not have a screen, because the brightness of the view outside the visual angle area is weak, the display screen is unclear, and even simply cannot view.

Viewing the value: the novel in the shape of shape and does not occupy too much space is a highlight. The style you like when you choose.