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Which industries are the advertising machines mainly used in?

With the rapid development of the digital signage industry. The status of digital advertising continues to be highlighted, especially as a new type of media mirror advertising machine, and its rapid growth has become a beautiful landscape of advertising. The application industry of advertising machines is extremely wide. In 2019, with the vigorous development of China's advertising machine market, let's learn about the specific new applications in the advertising machine industry?
Medical industry
With the help of advertising machines, medical institutions can broadcast medical, registration, hospitalization and other related information. In addition, the advertising player system solution can also be used to allow doctors and patients to interact, provide map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services, not only can simplify the process of seeing a doctor, but the advertising player manufacturer can also help relieve the anxiety of patients.
Retail chain industry
With the help of the advertising machine, it can help users to release product and promotion information in real time. The rich display functions and bright colors of the advertising machine can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers, while also helping users simplify the information release process, and ultimately improve the sales performance of users in the retail industry.
Hotel industry
The advertising machine can also display information in the public area of the hotel, and can provide customers with a full range of service information in the hotel. For example: hotel map, room usage, cuisine recommendation, discount activities and other information content. In addition, when necessary, the advertising machine can also open up relevant hotel operation support based on the hotel's original system, such as hotel automatic check-in and account checking services.
Financial sector
With advertising machines, financial institutions can better promote their brand image and business. Users use the advertising player system to broadcast financial information such as benchmark interest rates, display and introduce banking business and event notices to customers, and broadcast unified corporate culture that is image promotional videos, and so on. At the same time, the advertising player can also realize more system functions by integrating resources, such as queuing numbers, touch screens, multimedia terminals, etc., to achieve unified information management. No matter how far apart the finances are, they can be remotely controlled and managed, thus contributing to the financial industry. Bring considerable economic effects.
Transportation Industry
With the advertising machine, users can update and publish traffic information such as timetables in a timely manner. In addition, users can also create additional display functions, such as scrolling entertainment clips, or playing sports, entertainment and other news programs to provide entertainment for waiting passengers and pass the waiting time. In view of the huge flow of people at stations and airports, users can also broadcast various product advertisements to create economic benefits for businesses.
With the rapid development of technology, more and more people prefer to use fully functional and easy-to-operate tools, while advertising players cleverly integrate the functions of computers and tablets to facilitate people's use, which will inevitably cause more The focus of the person's eyes.

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