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Application of Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machine in Shopping Mall

In order to avoid the spread of the epidemic caused by too many people, in the severe period of the epidemic, shopping malls and other crowded public places are closed. Now that the world epidemic situation is nearly stable, various public sectors need to open up and prepare for economic revitalization. Then the demand for intelligent machines and equipment such as Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machines has expanded.
Shopping malls and supermarkets should take adequate preventive measures while opening their doors. For example, the Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machine installed at the entrance can be used to measure the temperature of multiple people at the same time without contact. Compared with the traditional manual temperature measurement method, the setting of Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machine at the entrance of shopping malls and supermarkets with large passenger flow can speed up the temperature measurement efficiency and traffic speed, and reduce the congestion caused by the temperature measurement at the gate. Using Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machine instead of manual temperature measurement can also reduce heavy workload and reduce the risk of transmission caused by frequent interpersonal contact.
Another advantage of Intelligent Temperature Measuring Machine is that it can recognize faces quickly through face recognition. Public places such as shopping malls and supermarkets are crowded and complicated. Once a confirmed patient appears, face recognition can be used to trace the source of the epidemic and record the action track, so as to quickly locate close contacts and control the spread of the epidemic.