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21.5-inch Hand Disinfection Advertising Machine (second Generation)

Advertising machine believe that we will not be unfamiliar, because the advertising machine has been closely linked with our lives, no matter where we go, can see its existence. You have heard of Advertising Machine, but must not have heard of Hand Disinfection Advertising Machine, Now let me introduce the 21.5-inch Hand Disinfection Advertising Machine (second Generation).
What is Hand Disinfection Advertising Machine?
First of all, from the "hand disinfection temperature measurement" very well understood, is the hand disinfection and then you can measure the temperature. Why do you need this functionality? Because it is specially tailored to meet the needs of epidemic prevention. Then, is the main Advertising Machine we make the idea, the most important function of this 21.5-inch Hand Disinfection Advertising Machine (second Generation) is also can be online epidemic prevention Advertising, Epidemic prevention guide and other publicity work. This type of machine is generally placed in crowded places. When people pass by, it can be a small helper of disinfection and temperature measurement. When no one is around, it can be an advertising machine for epidemic prevention. It can not only bring convenient services to people, but also bring valuable information to people.
Functional advantages of the 21.5-inch Hand Disinfection Advertising Machine (second Generation)
1. It can observe the temperature of users in real time and disinfect their hands.
2. Support ANDROID software development in function, more convenient to control the needs.
3. Remote release of customized software, suitable for LOCAL area network, and support remote one-button advertising push.
4. Remote operation, U disk auto play, intelligent switch, intelligent split screen, HD display.