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The Value of The Wall- Mounted Advertising Player Placed by A Brand Chain


Many national brand chain stores have gradually come to understand the truth that only unified marketing mode can do better and give customers a stronger sense of experience, and even brand-name enterprises will soon be known and accepted by consumers.

If a chain store needs to be managed nationally rather than advertise itself, it is recommended to buy a Wall-Mounted Advertising Player, which can distribute content more easily and quickly without the need for replacement machines.

Wall-Mounted Advertising Player Provides main functions

1.Master computer control: Connect to one or more master computers on the LAN and send commands to control one or more groups of Wall-Mounted Advertising Player at any time.

2.Automatic download and play: Wall-Mounted Advertising Player can download various Advertising short films from the main computer at will or according to the preset "task list", and play them automatically after downloading.

3.Download booking and play booking: Wall-Mounted Advertising Player automatically works based on the preset hibernation, start time, download booking time, and play booking time.

4.Scroll notification display: Horizontally scroll text characters at the bottom of the Wall- Mounted Advertising Player screen to facilitate text notification. The display can be updated at any time through the master computer.