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The working principle of the infrared touch screen

The infrared touch screen is an infrared matrix in the X and Y directions close to the screen. It detects and locates the user's touch by constantly scanning whether infrared is blocked by objects. As shown in the working principle of infrared touch screen, an outer frame is installed in front of the display, and a circuit board is designed in the outer frame, so that infrared transmitting tubes and infrared receiving tubes are arranged on four sides of the screen to form a horizontal and vertical cross infrared matrix one by one. After each scan, if all infrared tubes are accessible, the green light is on, indicating that everything is normal.
When there is a touch, fingers or other objects will block the horizontal and vertical infrared rays passing through the position. When the touch screen is scanned, it is found and confirmed that one infrared ray is blocked, the red light is on, indicating that the infrared ray is blocked and there may be touch. At the same time, it is immediately changed to another coordinate for scanning. If another infrared ray is blocked on another axis, the yellow light is on, indicating that the touch is found, The positions of the two infrared tubes found to be blocked are reported to the host, and the position of the touch point on the screen is determined through calculation.
Infrared touch screen products are divided into plug-in and built-in. The external installation method is very simple, which is the most convenient installation of all touch screens. As long as the frame is fixed in front of the display with adhesive tape or double-sided adhesive tape. Antu electronic external touch screen can also be fixed with the display through a hook, which is convenient for disassembly without leaving traces.