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How to distinguish the quality of LCD splicing screen


As the epidemic gradually abates, enterprises have resumed work and normal work has been carried out.  Many fields have demand and purchase intention for LCD splicing screen, such as command center of some newly built early warning institutions, scheduling center of transportation management, enterprise conference room, community propaganda board, etc., all need big screen to support the smooth progress of daily work.  

Many purchasing personnel, project director for the LCD splicing screen know not many, only have a vague concept, know that it is each screen LCD splicing unit patchwork, but to identify how good the LCD splicing screen, screen quality and shoddy, the distinction is not very clear, which can cause these people in the process of purchasing to spend a lot of time and energy, a bit not careful,  Still be deceived possibly, fall into low trap, buy inferior screen to wait.  

Panel type  
A liquid crystal splicing unit, is the most important part of the panel, it affect the splicing screen display,   clarity and fluency, and on the market at present splice screen panel is used in the three major brands,   respectively is samsung/LG/boe, for domestic boe panel, and the panel is industrial-grade original panel,   Different from the ordinary LCD panel on the market, light is brightness,   Industrial original panel display large screen at least 500CD /m²;  Good panel, LCD splicing screen life usually up to 70000h above, cost-effective is also high.  

Flat-fell seam  
Joint is a single splicing unit together between the gap, the smaller the gap, relative to the technical level is better, the quality will be better;  Of course, it will be slightly more expensive in price, after all, you get what you pay for. At present, the common stitching on the market has 3.5mm, 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 0.88mm, seamless;  Among them, seamless is to make the visual effect look infinitely close to complete through special electronic technology or optical technology, but it is not really seamless in a strict sense. It is just a gimmick, but it cannot be seen visually.  
In addition to the above, in fact, there are splicing screen brand awareness, influence, product provider's project experience, user satisfaction and other factors, can indirectly reflect the quality of LCD splicing screen;  Procurement personnel only need to compare, shop around, probably can screen the quality of the LCD splicing unit, after all, this is a kind of expensive industrial screen, once the purchase is wrong, the loss is very serious.