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Touch all-in-one | LCD screen skill related introduction


Touch all-in-one | LCD screen skill related introduction

Appeared touch all-in-one | LCD screen is the most widely used now appeared in the product screen, like a large scale LCD TV, LCD splicing screen, small scale of smartphones, tablets, etc., in the once, such as plasma appeared old skills are bound to market share, but appeared with LCD skills to carry out other products has been gradually disappear.  

Touch all-in-one | LCD English name for the Liquid Crystal Display, is a kind of based on white light penetrates the polychromatic filter equipment and produce different colors of a skill, white light in red, yellow, blue, such as after penetrating would amount to a base color, but also can control each pixel light transmittance, and then to be able to present a different color.  

But LCD display screen also has unavoidable shortcomings, because all the pictures are produced by white light, so it will be very difficult to show the black scene in demand, because how much will show some light leakage phenomenon, so when showing the night scene black is not farewell dark.  

Touch all-in-one appeared | LCD screen appeared on the screen is composed of many small pixels, now look at the resolution of the mainstream now running at over 200 pixels, and is now presented 4 k appeared on the market.  

All LCD display screen needs some form of white backlight, such as CCFL backlight, LED backlight, etc., and with the continuous progress of display skills, the purpose of backlight is to improve the brightness of the screen, spread more evenly, and the thickness of the whole product also tends to be lighter and thinner.  

Appeared and followed each brand skills, each big brand also has a unique research direction, such as LG brand IPS screen skills, samsung brand PLS hard screen skill and so on, in the original LCD skills a must degree of improvement, for example on the viewing Angle wider, whether positive or flank surface can achieve 178 - degree viewing range,  Especially in the field of industrial-grade LCD splicing screen, IPS skills have completely replaced LCD panel, which will become the trend of large-scale LCD display screen development in the future.