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Led "ceiling" is constantly raised, and small spacing becomes a fragrant pastry

In recent years, although the market demand of LED display screen industry is still rising significantly, with the increasing diversification and differentiation of market demand, the traditional LED display screen market has become saturated, and some LED screen enterprises have been forced out of the market competition. Therefore, the commercial display market with great potential has attracted the attention of many enterprises.

Big cake in commercial display market

Commercial display applications include finance, commerce, education, medical treatment, tourism, media, transportation, community, public security and other fields, which brings great development opportunities to the smart business display market. It is expected that the market scale of smart business display will approach 100 billion yuan by 2020.

The "big cake" of the commercial display market has been made big enough. After all, the total sales of the LED display industry in 2017 was only 42.8 billion. Therefore, if developers can fully show the market potential, the volume of LED display industry will increase greatly. Because this "big cake" is so "fragrant", many enterprises in the LED display industry will not be willing to only smell its "fragrance" or eat some "bread crumbs". The LED display industry will launch a fierce competition around the commercial display.

Industry barriers have been raised, and leading manufacturers have obvious advantages

From the current market share ranking of LED display manufacturers, the performance of leading manufacturers is growing and the market share is increasing. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of the era of small spacing, the technical and financial barriers of LED screen enterprises are increasing significantly. From the perspective of the small spacing field widely favored by the LED industry, especially P1 The market below 5 has almost become the "world" of the head company.

At present, with the further outbreak of the commercial display market and the continuous growth of the market, LED display enterprises will have a higher growth space. Powerful large companies can focus on the cutting-edge technology of LED display, improve service quality and obtain more shares. There is no doubt that the progress of new technology in the future will make LED display penetrate into more new fields, including commercial display, which will further raise the "ceiling" of the industry. Of course, these large companies can not fully "Penetrate" the commercial market, and competitive small and medium-sized enterprises also have the opportunity to take a share.

Small space will play a great hero

At present, major manufacturers are studying new technologies, such as OLED, qled, micro led, laser, etc., and new products have begun to appear, such as super high-end cinemas decorated by Samsung in Shanghai and Beijing, Yuantai shelf label, BOE medical display, Samsung qled digital sign display, etc.

At this stage, the new LED commercial display technology and products represented by small spacing are gradually diversified, and begin to be applied to the field of commercial display on a large scale. Small spacing LED is gradually becoming the main direction of future innovation of large screen commercial display, such as cob packaging technology, the innovative development of mini led, the application innovation of transparent screen, and micro LED products that are constantly trying, all show that the current small spacing led commercial display is developing in multiple technologies and directions.

With the further improvement of product cost performance, the development and policy promotion of commercial 5g, as well as the demand for high-definition display by consumption upgrading, LED display will be considerable in the field of commercial display in the future.