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Why is touch all-in-one machine widely used in various places

Touch all-in-one machine is an intelligent human-computer interaction device integrating touch screen, LCD, computer technology and multimedia information technology. Because it has the functions of information release and transmission, information query, human-computer interaction and so on, it is widely used in all walks of life and provides many conveniences. Today, Chengdu sanding will introduce to you the common application places of touch all-in-one machine?

The application scenarios of touch all-in-one machine are as follows:

1. Government service center (information self-service inquiry, service guidance and route guidance)

2. Shopping mall (advertising, shopping guide, shopping guide, store inquiry)

3. Chain stores (new product promotion, activity promotion and commodity inquiry)

4. Subway, station, airport and other transportation places (train number, flight information query, self-service handling service, warm prompt, shift, weather, Ride Guide Service)

5. Banks and other financial places (self-service inquiry, business handling, product publicity)

6. Business hall (self service business inquiry handling and Handling Guide)

7. Hospital outpatient service (self-service inquiry, registration, payment and printing)

8. Internal (meeting training, corporate culture publicity)

9. Exhibition hall (commodity display and publicity, commodity information inquiry)

10. Real estate sales office (introduction of surrounding facilities, house type and landscape effect display)

11. Park scenic spot (tourist information service, scenic spot route guidance, warm tips, weather tips)

Why are touch all-in-one machines widely used in the surrounding areas of life? There are several factors:

1. The use of electronic touch screen reduces energy consumption, resource waste, pollution reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection, and meets the requirements of national green development. The touch screen has good anti glare performance and is free from the interference of external light. Under the light, the picture is normally displayed clearly without reflection and refraction.

2. The touch all-in-one machine is very convenient to use. It does not need to connect audio, mouse, keyboard and other equipment. It only needs to connect the power supply and network (support wireless network and LAN), and can realize many functions. Its nature is a little similar to touch-screen mobile phone.

3. The touch screen all-in-one machine is not limited by the needs of the scene, has diversified sizes, meets the needs of various places, and also has waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, scratch proof and other protective properties, with long service life.

At present, touch all-in-one machines appear more and more frequently in our life, which can not only bring convenience, but also bring other advertising benefits, use value and so on.