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Characteristics of advertising machines

Advertising machines have been widely used in various industries, playing the role of exhibition display and marketing. What are the characteristics of advertising machines?
1. Interactivity
The picture displayed by the advertising machines is not only high-definition, but also vivid, attracting pedestrians to stop and watch, understand the advertising information, arouse the desire to buy, and promote consumption. In the whole process, consumers have become the main body of the transaction process, actively watching advertising information, arousing their own needs, and closing transactions with sellers.
2. Media nature
The online advertising machines can display vivid and novel advertisements through various multimedia elements such as video, sound, text, and pictures. media. What is needed in the new media era is such a product with a strong media nature, which can promote the economic development of each business and each other, so that the society can achieve a "win-win" with each other, thereby driving economic development.
3. Flexibility
The placement position of the advertising machines is not controlled by time, region, and space size, and is reasonably placed according to the use environment of the site, which is flexible and convenient. The playback content of the advertising machine can not only play pictures, texts, but also videos, and supports free switching and typesetting to realize the flexibility of advertising display forms.
4. Environment-friendly
In the past, in order to attract customers through marketing, sellers would print flyers and hired some people to stand at the door of the store or at the intersection to hand out single pages. The single pages could be thrown away, or they would be used as other waste products. Not only did they not play the role of publicity and drainage, but they wasted marketing funds. There is no waste of a single leaflet when using advertising machines for marketing. Therefore, advertising machines are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
5. Economy
LCD network advertising machines can disseminate advertisements instead of leaflets, newspapers, and TV advertisements. On the one hand, they can reduce the expensive costs of printing, postal delivery, and TV advertisements. On the other hand, CF cards and SD cards can be rewritten many times, which can also reduce economic losses of multiple exchanges.
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