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What are the main application areas of the touch all-in-one machine?

What are the scenes of touch all-in-one machine? Where can I use the touch all-in-one machine?

As an electronic display product, the touch all-in-one machine can not only realize the display function, but also realize human-computer interaction and intelligent display. Some friends who call to consult know little about touch all-in-one machines. Today, I'd like to share with you what are the scene applications of touch all-in-one machine?

Touch the hospital of all-in-one machine scene

Using the touch all-in-one machine, the hospital can display the charging standard of drugs and surgery, the procedure flow chart of patients' hospitalization, viewing, etc., the orientation distribution map of each department of the hospital, the brief introduction of the doctors in each department of the hospital, the list of doctors in each department of the day, the introduction of relevant conditions of specially invited experts to the hospital, the introduction of new service items of the hospital, etc.

Cinema of touch all-in-one scene

Using the touch all-in-one machine, the cinema can quickly promote the film, so that the audience can understand the film information at the first time. Users can freely check the movie price and purchase online. Relieve the pressure of queuing to buy tickets and reduce the working pressure of theater staff.

Hotel of touch all-in-one machine scene

Hotel customers can check the floor plan and dynamic route map of the hotel by using the touch query all-in-one machine. They can also know the environment of the guest room, the configuration of the hotel, the catering service, the surrounding facilities and so on without staying in the hotel, which provides great convenience for customers to the wine shop and avoids the possible emotional contradictions of manual consultation.