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  • Medical intelligent iot terminal system is a wall-mounted intelligent iot multi-functional human-computer interaction system for the medical industry, focusing on improving the quality of medical service.


  • There are many reasons for monochrome LCD screen flashing, but the frequency is not too high. Otherwise, the high refresh rate of TV will become a joke? The human eye basically has no flicker sense for refreshing the image above 60Hz. The LCD industry is basically above 50Hz, and the high one is 120Hz. The higher the higher, the less flicker, but the power consumption is large.


  • What are the features of the LCD advertising machine? Some consumers have such questions. We all know that the LCD advertising machine has been widely used. For example, it has been used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places with a large flow of people. Through the LCD advertising machine, advertising information is transmitted to specific people through large screen terminal display devices in specific places and time periods, So what are the functional features of the LCD advertising all-in-one machine? They are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


  • Advertising machines have been widely used in various industries, playing the role of exhibition display and marketing. What are the characteristics of advertising machines?


  • Recently, an enterprise has adopted a touch all-in-one machine for office needs such as company meetings, training, team sharing and leisure.


  • In recent years, although the market demand of LED display screen industry is still rising significantly, with the increasing diversification and differentiation of market demand, the traditional LED display screen market has become saturated, and some LED screen enterprises have been forced out of the market competition. Therefore, the commercial display market with great potential has attracted the attention of many enterprises.