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  • The 56-inch Horizontal Screen Lift Window Advertising Player supports Windows or Android systems and adopts an ultra-thin suspended design, which does not take up space and can easily blend into the environment, making it perfect for various scenes such as government agencies, tourist attractions, banks, airports, high-end retail, exhibitions, star-rated hotels, office buildings, schools, and car 4S shops.

  • The GST-customized 55-inch Horizontal Lift Double-sided Window Advertising Display adopts an ALL-IN-Glass design, and its high-transparency toughened glass provides both an aesthetically pleasing and durable appearance. Our advertising machine system supports Android or Windows systems and can be adjusted according to application scenarios and customer needs. The ultra-thin glass casing ensures accurate colors from any angle.

  • GuanShun's 12.1-inch Open Frame Multi-Touch Monitor is suitable for various industries, including retail, transportation, healthcare, and gaming. Its advanced touch technology, high-definition display, and flexible installation options make it an effective and practical tool for engaging with customers. Its durable and energy-saving design, along with its compatibility with multiple systems, adds to its value and versatility.

  • Shenzhen GuanShun Technology Co., Ltd.'s 50-inch Wall-mounted Interactive Advertising Player is a potent advertising and marketing tool that combines cutting-edge technology and interactive design. Users of the product can tap, swipe, and scroll to interact with the content in a variety of ways. The interactive advertising player contains a built-in media player, Internet access, content management software, and a high-resolution touch screen display. It can be used in a variety of settings, including retail spaces, trade exhibitions, hotels, museums, and other establishments.

  • GuanShun's quality 12.1-inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor features a precise and stable touch response, high definition, wide viewing angle, high brightness, vivid colors, dustproof and waterproof surface, flexible installation, energy-saving and multiple system support. With its user-friendly and reliable interface, the 12.1-inch Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor provides a practical and versatile solution for businesses and industries.

  • 50-inch Wall-mounted Electronic Advertising Display, as a customized digital advertising display device, is usually used in shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, exhibitions and other public places for advertising display. It can remotely control and update advertising content to help advertisers make advertising content better displayed to consumers. Advertising Machine has various functions, such as autoplay, remote update, interactive advertisement, face recognition, etc., which can be customized and configured according to different needs.